How to write a biblical devotional

One of the reasons why I decided to restart the practice of making devotionals was a biblical study that talked about the importance of the feed by the word of God. The feed on the word of God is fundamental to our Christian life. It is through these daily moments in which our spirit is gain strength for the whole day.

“Only Sundays Christian” is not enough, if we do that is like if we ate once a week, we go crawling to the Sunday service for a snack.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ while he was here on earth he went into the wilderness at dawn to pray to the Father, to be in communion with HIS source of life, after that he made miracles, cast out demons, even before he was caught and suffer all the humiliation and was sacrificed, he had gone to pray at Gethsemane, to fill up his spirit with strength to emerge victorious in the times of trouble he would face.

If he did that, we need it more. Perhaps you are wondering what do you need to start. It is very easy, I think the main thing you need to have is a great desire to be full of God and want to please HIM.

Here I show you some tips 🙂

1. Make a commitment

Set aside a specific time to do your devotionals, at the beginning of the day is recommended but not a rule, let it be a time where nobody interrupt you, it will be a daily appointment with you and the LORD Jesus.

2. Find a verse

There are several ways to obtain it:

– You can go to any website as, They publish one different verse each day.

– You can start with Paul’s letters, read about 2 or 3 verses and base your devotional on them

– You can go to facebook(yes Facebook can be useful sometimes), download an application of verses at random and then pick up your devotional verse.

– If you do not know the proverbs can read the chapter on the number of day of the month (there are 31 chapters in the book of proverbs), this I recommend you to do it every day anyway.

3. Analyzes the verse (Logos)

“Logos” is the written word, so what in the Bible. Review the history, context, characters, who was targeted. This is to give you an idea of the contextual meaning of this verse

4. Meditate and asks God for Rhema

“Rhema” is the revealed word of God, this one will never be the same. This is what makes the Bible is unique if we ask for help to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit will give us the Rhema that the Father has for us.

5. Pray

I say at the end but it really is the beginning of your devotional and end. Start asking for disclosure and thanking God for the opportunity to stay one more day with him, and end your time thank them for their word and call for “fruit” in your heart.

Wise Words that a Wise man once told me: Everything you’re going to do, begin it with prayer, keep it with prayer and end it with prayer (“if any man have ears to hear, let him hear”)

I recommend your devotional notes in a notebook, with dates to keep track of all that God has spoken, that will cheer you up when you least expect it and you wil be surprised, My notes have spoken to me several times again with the words that I had writen before .

Hey and remember, tell me how you did 😉

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